The legendary, sometimes harsh and brutally honest, Dr. Phil has opinions on just about everything.  Losing weight is no exception, as he roles this art form into his daily philosophies.

What’s your excuse?

Dr. Phil says that when it comes to losing weight, there are no excuses.  He doesn’t believe people can blame their metabolisms or their lack of willpower. He tells Oprah, “You decide to be overweight.”Acknowledge that you’re a way of life is adding to your weight.”

He’s regularly stated that people do what works best for them and that your actions aren’t mere accidents.  “Your obesity serves a purpose for you. What is your payoff?”  Dr. Phil believes that people carry weight for a reason.  Often it’s to protect them against intimacy, or it is a way of avoiding dealing with their emotional problems.

Dr. Phil believes that you “can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.”  Food has but one purpose, and this is to fuel your body.  It shouldn’t be used as a mechanism to deal with your emotions.

He speaks of the internal talking that goes on in our minds.  Most people set themselves up for failure because their internal talking is telling themselves they’re going to fail. 

Dr. Phil’s five steps to your weight loss goal


1. Set a very specific goal

Dr. Phil reminds people that losing weight requires changes to their thoughts and behaviors.  He suggests people should set goals for weight loss as well as for their emotions.

Rather than setting vague goals like “I want to lose weight”, he recommends that you should be specific.  How much weight?  How do you want to feel?

2. Work out a very specific strategy

Dr. Phil tells Oprah that willpower alone doesn’t work.  People need a very specific strategy.  One ideal strategy would be the Weight Loss International Slim for Life Program.

“Plan ahead,” he says.  Avoid situations where there will be fast foods, and instead, stock your pantry with healthy foods.

3. Identify small, measurable steps

Implement steps that will suit your lifestyle.  “Be sure to move towards a positive goal, not just away from being fat.” 

4. Create a healthy, realistic timeline

Pick fixed dates for the weight you need to be, later on, beginning with little steps.  Add those dates to your schedule, and stick to them.  Don’t expect results overnight.  It requires some investment to institute an appropriate way of life.

5. Create meaningful monitoring and accountability

Dr. Phil tells Oprah that if you know that you’ll have to report your progress to someone else, you’re more likely to stick to it.  “Go public” with someone you trust can keep you accountable.