Nowadays, the adoption of unfair means in the exam has become a crucial problem in our education system. In all examinations ranging from the primary level to the University level, the use of unfair means has become a nuisance.

Unfair means in examination means to cheat in the examination. It is a bad practice which degrades the moral values of the students. Students who unfairly pass an exam do not get a good job and cannot serve the nation. It proves the inability and insincerity of a student it is also shameful and immoral.

There are several reasons for using unfair means during the exam: the negligence of the administration, the easy opportunity of copying in the examination room, student politics, the carelessness of the invigilators, the dishonesty OF Some teachers, faulty education, and examination system, etc. Also, the students do not prepare for their exams when they know they can use unfair means to pass the examinations. They waste their precious time gossiping, wandering, playing, and traveling. As a result, they are compelled to use unfair means during the examination.

Resolving these Issues Requires a combined effort from all groups of people student politics must be prohibited. Teachers should be more sincere in carrying out their classroom responsibilities. Guardians and parents should be more aware of their children’s studies. Students must mad be made aware of the bad effects of using unfair means. Strict punishment should be given to those students who indulge in using unfair means. The examination hall should be put under video surveillance to mitigate any efforts of cheating. Above all, the current education system needs to be improved.

Conclusion ‘finally, It can be said that accepting unfair means during the examination is a major offense. It affects not only the noble goal of education but also the dignity of the Nation. The students of today are the educators of the nation tomorrow. To lead the nation effectively, students must be educated, and to use unfair means, they will definitely fail in this task.


)1 Nuisance = trouble, problem

2) Immoral – bad, morally bad, unethical

3) Wandering – roaming

4) prohibited – banned I restricted

5) Mitigate reduce

6) Offense = crime

7) Tendency – habit, inclination towards something